The packing and storage of boring machine

- Nov 16, 2017-

Boring machine more use wooden box packaging, wooden box manufacturers in the manufacture of wooden cases, according to gb7284-87 "frame box", gb/t13384-92 "mechanical and electrical products packaging general technical conditions" and related standards. The above standards for the packaging material, structure, water content and other items made specific provisions. In case of packing inspection, it is also necessary to refer to sn/t0275-93 "inspection rules for the carriage of packaged wooden cases for export commodities". In-box machine tools should be effective fixed and gasket, its electrical and processing of uncoated surface should do anti-rust moisture treatment, its rust-proof period of two years. In the storage and the rest of the machine tool products should be stored in storage, temporary open storage should be padded and add covered to prevent rain, water immersion. Box Surface center of gravity, rain-proof, do not invert, handle the logo should be complete in order to ensure that the transport of products intact, safe arrival destination.