The structure characteristic of boring machine

- Nov 16, 2017-

The long hole boring, which is represented by the coaxial hole system of the box part, is one of the most important contents in the metal cutting process. Although there are still some methods to implement the long hole boring, such as boring bar, guide sleeve, desktop milling and boring post supporting long boring rod or artificial workpiece rotary 180°, etc., but in recent years, on the one hand, because of the large-scale use of CNC milling and boring machine and machining center, the precision of the coordinate positioning of all kinds of horizontal milling and boring machines has been improved greatly, Long hole boring gradually by efficient worktable rotary 180° self-positioned turning boring on the other hand, the mass production and application of ordinary or numerically controlled planer milling and boring machine, from the machine tool structure to make the rotary table 180° self positioning of the turning boring, almost become on the machine tool boring long hole method.