The Trial Run Failures Of CNC Vertical Lathe

- Apr 24, 2019-

CNC vertical lathe is mainly used for machining large diameter, short length of large, heavy workpiece and not easy to clamp the workpiece on the horizontal lathe jacket, rotary diameter is satisfied, the workpiece is too heavy in the horizontal truck clamping, due to its own weight, has an impact on the processing accuracy, the use of vertical truck can solve the above problems.

CNC vertical truck can be generally divided into single-column and double-column.Small vertical lathe is generally made into a single column type, large vertical lathe into a double column type.The main feature of nc vertical vehicle structure is that its spindle is in a vertical position.The main feature of the vertical car is that the worktable is in the horizontal plane, the workpiece is more convenient to install and adjust.The table is supported by guide rail, good rigidity and smooth cutting.

CNC vertical car test process, what are the general failure problems?Generally speaking, there are the following CNC vertical vehicle test failures:

1. The fever

      Is that the temperature rises too fast, so that the temperature value exceeds the maximum limit of the specified value, and even appear smoke and other adverse phenomena.

2. The vibration

The vibration amplitude of fuselage and its moving parts exceeds the allowable range specified and becomes abnormal.

3. Abnormal sound

      Abnormal sound, refers to the vertical lathe internal crash sound, friction sound or impact sound.

4.Crawling and impact motion

      Mainly appears on the sliding friction surface guide rail, mainly is the movement speed is slow or fast, or a short stop and sudden advance.The speed is uneven and irregular.

5. Tooth breakage of gear

      The main is to hear the sound of broken metal, and the transmission parts produce periodic abnormal  sound.