Use of lathe center frame

- May 27, 2019-

Use of lathe center frame

When the lathe workpiece can be cut in sections, the center frame can be mounted on one of the supporting surfaces. The lathe could reduce the ratio of the L/d in certain position, while the rigidity of the workpiece increases by several times.


The bearing surface of the center frame is a reference surface turning workpiece. It directly affects the machining quality of workpiece, so the bearing surface must be coaxial with the axis of rotation of the lathe spindle, and the roundness error should be small and low surface roughness. The commonly used method of turning support surface in lathe is as follows:


(1)  Using plum blossom cone top set when both ends of the blank hole not available, the plum blossom cone top sleeve is arranged in the live top head, cone and cone top sleeve blank end plum with tooth fillet over after tightening, turning the center frame bearing surface


(2)  Using the auxiliary sleeve to find the right side of the support, and the sleeve with four screws evenly distributed at both ends is sheathed on the appropriate position of the outer circle of the blank. First of all should be adjusted via screws at both ends of the indicator, the sleeve axis and the spindle rotation axes. The lathe then could put the frame in the required position, and the lathe support pawl evenly on the outer sleeve of the auxiliary sleeve.