- Aug 09, 2018-

Manufacturing: why is manufacturing so important? What are the benefits of domestic manufacturing? Not only has the issue of reshoring become a hot topic recently, but so has the idea of manufacturing. This October marked the first “National Manufacturing Month,” during which October 5th was officially “National Manufacturing Day.” Additionally, reshoring, and bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., has been rampant in current events, as seen in our previous blog post.

So why is manufacturing, especially manufacturing here in the U.S., so important? Here are some reasons why we believe manufacturing is essential and beneficial to our nation, our economy, and our people:

1. Logistics: Do you need to modify or test the products throughout the production process? By working with a domestic manufacturer, your engineering groups can work with the manufacturers on a more consistent basis.
2. Turnaround time: Customers’ current windows for needing items are becoming shorter. Therefore, it is essential that they receive the necessary components and products in a timely fashion. Domestic manufacturing allows for the quick turnaround—as well as the flexibility to make changes throughout the production process.
3. Quality: We are proud of our high quality materials and products.
4. Economic benefits: Manufacturing is crucial for any economy—not only does it raise employment, but it also boosts the economy.