YK4240 CNC Gear Shaving Machine

YK4240 CNC Gear Shaving Machine

CNC shaving machine is widely used in machining external meshing spur gears,

Product Details

CNC shaving machine is widely used in machining external meshing spur gears, helical gears, drum teeth, small taper teeth and step multi-joint gears. Suitable for mass production of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors and machine tools. The CNC shaving machine adopts the imported numerical control system to control the radial feed position quantity, improve the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the radial feed axis; it is convenient to operate and program, with Chinese and English menu display, and automatic memory control. The CNC shaving machine is processed by radial shaving or ordinary shaving process, and has functions of coarse-fine shaving, radial feed pre-selection, smoothing, micro-return, and table fixed stop. The work area adopts a large flat sliding window type tamper cover, which is beautiful in appearance. In the overall design, the machine tool stiffness is emphasized, reliability and production efficiency are improved, and adjustment assistance time is reduced.

Technical Data:

Items    YK4240
Controlling axes    5
max workpiece diameter400mm
max. module8
max gear shaving cutter diameter 250mm
max width of shaving cutter 50mm
max axial distance between centers550mm
distane betweer cutter to wokrpiece cener120-330mm
max travel of worktable ( X axis)170mm
vertical travel of shaving cutter (Z axis)210mm
tangentially travel of shaving cutter (Y axis)40mm
slew-rate of shaving head (A axis)± 20 °
spindle speed 40-450rpm
tool spindle main motor (B axis )7.5KW
Machine weight 7500kg

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