3 Signs You Should Replace Your CNC Machine

- Jul 17, 2018-

The application of computer controls to machinery has magnificently improved the ability to produce creative and useful products, but they do require maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement like any other piece of equipment.

Tasks Take Longer to Complete

One of the more subtle signs of needing a CNC replacement is a slowdown in the time it takes to do its job. A timing circuit in the control board or a ball bearing losing the right amount of lubrication can add fractions of a second to the output time, slowly building up into hours of lost work over a season. The only way to check this is to perform speed tests as part of your regular maintenance inspections.

Malfunctions Are Happening More Frequently

When parts begin to suffer too much wear and tear, they may show their fatigue through messing up on the job just like any other worker. If your QA starts to notice an increase in failures, the culprit could be the CNC.

Control Equipment and Machinery Replacement Parts Are Hard to Find

You may have gotten by in the past by replacing the parts that break down and giving the others a tune-up as necessary. With advances in both machine and computer technology, those old parts become more difficult to locate. The factories are no longer producing the out of date parts, leaving you with limited and more expensive places to find them. When your only option for replacing a circuit board is a used hunk of plastic found in the depths of an online auction house's basement, then your repair job will be limited by only having access to parts that are already bearing the damage of previous use.

If your CNC equipment is slowing down, producing poorer quality products, and becoming increasingly more difficult to repair, then it is likely time for you to consider replacing it with a newer model that will save you time and money. we will provide you with all the CNC machinery necessary to get it performing at its peak again.