5 Common Types Of CNC Machines

- Jul 19, 2018-

CNC machines are becoming more and more popular in the tooling industry and have gained popularity with some hobbyists in recent years.  CNC machines rely on computers instead of humans to perform tasks.  Using actuators, drives, breakout boards, and software programs, CNC machines can create a myriad of products.  There are various types of CNC machines including:

Router - A CNC router can engrave wood, metal, or plastic and is a very common type of CNC machine.  The user does not manipulate the router, only enters information into the computer.

Plasma - CNC plasma cutters are used to cut metal and wood (2 dimensional) and do not require as much power as a CNC router.  These machines use a plasma torch to penetrate wood or sheet metal.

Laser - CNC laser cutters operate quite like CNC plasma cutters, but instead, a laser is used to cut the wood or metal. Lasers can also be used to cut plastic.

3D Printer - 3D printers use CNC technology and operate using similar technology as CNC lasers, but utilize an extruder to slowly deposit plastic in a consistent motion until the desired product is complete.

Pick and Place - Pick and Place CNC Machines consist of several nozzles that pick up electrical components for electronic equipment and place them in the desired location.  These are very commonly used in the construction of cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.

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