About CNC Processing Equipment

- Jun 05, 2018-

CNC Lathe is the processing equipment commonly used equipment, standard use of machine tools for the processing of the workpiece quality and lathe life has a great impact, CNC Lathe manufacturers to explain the norms of the use of lathe precautions.

CNC Lathe manufacturers in the factory machine, the control system will set the parameters within the control system, these parameters set with the dynamic characteristics of the various parts of the machine has a direct relationship, so users can not use these changes in the content, to prevent the use of machine tools In the event of a failure. Only in the gap compensation parameter values can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Hydraulic press in the machine, hydraulic tool holder, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic tailstock pressure, should be within the allowable stress range, can not be arbitrarily increased.

CNC Lathe manufacturers in the installation of various parts of the machine parts, has been fully considered the parameters of the matching, so users can not arbitrarily replace the machine accessories, such as the use of instructions beyond the provisions of the hydraulic chuck. If the user blindly replace the attachment, resulting in the machine parts of the parameters do not match, it is likely to cause an unexpected accident, affecting production.