Accelerating The Industrialization Of CNC Vertical Lathe To Promote The Development Of CNC Vertical Lathe

- Nov 16, 2017-

China CNC Vertical Lathe machine tool career in the last years of development, CNC machine tool description and production skills have improved greatly. Through collaborative production and progress of CNC machine tools, make the description, production, use of the level of progress, and reduce the distance with international progress skills; After the use of foreign progressive components, CNC system matching, began to be able to paint and make their own high-speed, high function, five or five-axis linkage machining CNC machine tools, supply domestic market demand, However, the experimental, digestion, grasp and differentiation of key skills is poor.

However, we also need to recognize the many problems in the professional development of CNC machine tools. So far many important functional components, automated tools, CNC systems rely on foreign technical support, can not be independently carried out, basically from the copy to the development of their own period, and Japan's CNC machine tool level distance is very large, the shortage of scholars and skilled workers in all aspects of the work; Components and CNC system does not support, enterprise and professional cooperation between the short, basically alone, although the factory more people, but not formed resultant force.