Advantages Of CNC Lathe Automation Technology

- Aug 27, 2019-

CNC machine tool multi-line truss robot automatic production line to meet single work workpiece starting from rough material, after roughing, finishing, automatic grinding, automatic milling, automatic drilling and attack, automatic detection, automatic cleaning and drying, automatic palletizing, automatic Logistics and other production processes are directly stored in the warehouse. The multi-line automatic line adopts a modular design, and is based on a single-machine version or a two-machine version of the truss-type robot standard unit for seamless docking and connection, and realizes multi-station multi-process joint production. The whole line configuration equipment monitoring system and order management system is the optimal solution for realizing digital factory IoT.

The truss type multi-line manipulator adopts full modular design, and the body, column, robot arm, beam, track, end jaw, silo tray, control cabinet, turning table, workpiece inspection table, workpiece automatic silo system, etc. The units are tightly integrated to form an automated machining line for unmanned operations.