Analysis Of Repairing Beam Of Vertical Lathe

- Apr 23, 2019-

Background: a large vertical lathe, due to misoperation, resulting in the beam was smashed, beam lower guide rail defects as long as 1760mm.In order to save the maintenance cost and shorten the maintenance time, the repair scheme is determined.

 I.Vertical lathe beam repair process

 With a diameter ofф12mm positioning pin positioning, with eight M24 hexagonal bolt fastening, finally the overall processing, so as to achieve the precision of the guide rail requirements.

 II.Vertical lathe beam repair steps

1. Remove the beam and mill out the defect part, which should be parallel to the guide rail surface of the beam.

2.With a diameter ofф44mm, with a diameter of 31mm, with the original fracture layer of 5M30 hole, in the face of its reaming to family diameter 44mm, with a diameter of 31mm, with a view to changing the original hexagon head bolt into a cylinder head hexagon bolt.

3.Processing beam rail repair block.

(1) Casting blank, the material should be consistent with the original beam;

(2) Except the contact surface with the beam body and the surface of the guide rail to save 0.05mm machining allowance, the rest parts are processed to size;

(3) With the repair block and the beam itself with a diameter of 2ф12 ±0.015 mm with the drilling hinge with a diameter of 8ф25mm and M24 holes.

4. Position the cylinder pin, and then use 8 M24 hex bolts to assemble the beam body and repair block into one.

5. Rough and finish the surface of the guide rail under the beam to meet the original precision requirements.

6. Put repaired beams into test run.

Conclusion: using this method to repair the beam, the strength can meet the requirements, and reduce the manufacturing cost.