Application Field Of CNC Lathe

- Jul 09, 2018-

Machine technology

By rail HT300 is equipped with four solid material gray cast iron bed to achieve

Maximum stability and perfect machining results

In the process, the Φ32 mm by 360mm and a ball screw drive

Widely spaced rails for maximum stability

The maximum internal diameter of up to 100mm spindle bearings

Set so that the aircraft has the highest accuracy and stability

12 tool turret VDI 30 or VDI 40 (BMT optional), standard hydraulic control

System tailstock

Standard hollow hydraulic clamping system (solid optional)

Mobile center frame (optional) and servo-driven tailstock (optional)

Excellent rigid structure:

Integrally molded low center of gravity casting bed, 30 ° saddle through optimized design,

It has a large shock damping and a smaller amount of deformation, the main axle box, turret

Providing high-rigidity structure basis.

30 ° slant bed design to facilitate the operator upper and lower parts, but also to ensure

Smooth chip evacuation.

Modernization of control systems:

control system is equipped with the latest systems and flow FAUNC 0iTF

Row Siemens 828D system, 8.4-inch display, 10.4-inch display,

Rich configuration increases the slot and other options available to customers.

High cost:

German descents has the best parts, like a knife tower

SAUTER, NSK bearings, etc. to ensure high-

precision parts, as well as appropriate

Should the price to have a high cost.

User-friendly design:

Not only minimum space requirements but also to meet the work area to the maximum extent

Processing conditions, all surrounded by human aesthetic design, stainless steel cover available for your safety

Full clean space, but also to guarantee the durability of the lathe.

Rich configuration:

Electric turret, servo turret, power turret; high-power motors, high torque

Motor; large diameter hollow cylinder; chuck; drawer-type water tank; on the knife;

Oil mist separator and other options are available.

Compact design, HT300 grade gray cast iron bed

Best of proximity and operating depth

Ideal tool for training, covers an area of only 3.5m2, spindle operating depth of only 350mm