Application Of CNC Technology

- Apr 25, 2019-

1. Application of CNC technology in aviation

The aviation market has always been the direction of various enterprises. This is because aviation has just started in China and has relatively large development space and market potential. Although China's aviation has developed a relatively advanced technology level after several years of development, Compared with Western countries, there is still a lot of difference. In order to quickly reduce this gap, it is necessary to combine numerical control technology. In the application process, aviation often needs equipments and conditions with more precise precision and more advanced technology. If the equipment and system in the form of manual processing are used blindly, the processing results will show the lack of precision, which will not meet the aviation requirements. . In general, the alloy whose stiffness coefficient is not too high is the material selected by the aerospace industry. From the processing point of view, the traditional manual processing method cannot meet the aviation requirements.

2. Application of CNC technology in industrial production

CNC technology has a wide range of applications in industrial production, in which food processing and paper printing are used frequently, and the application of numerical control technology is more important in dangerous operations such as metal smelting and pesticide processing. The numerical control technology in industrial production can not only improve the working environment, reduce the risk of work, but also increase labor productivity, reduce industrial costs, and promote mechanization of industrial production. In the actual production process, the numerical control technology controls the whole process of industrial production by controlling the main computer, and timely discovers and quickly handles errors through the powerful sensing function of the computer system, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the control system safely and accurately.

3. Application of CNC technology in the automotive industry

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, China's automobile manufacturing industry has also experienced tremendous development. These huge developments in the automotive industry are directly related to the application of CNC technology. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the society has put forward higher requirements for some of the performance of the car itself and the quality of some accessories. The application of numerical control technology in the automobile manufacturing industry has greatly improved the efficiency of the automobile manufacturing process and greatly simplified the production process of some complicated parts. At the same time, other technologies related to CNC technology are gradually being cited in the automotive industry. It is precisely because of the application of numerical control technology in the automotive industry that the automobile manufacturing industry has achieved great achievements today.

4. Application of CNC technology in mechanical equipment

Mechanical manufacturing is basically mechanical equipment. The relationship between the two is indispensable to each other. With the development of data technology, mechanical manufacturing has also created new demands. It must have machine tools, control capabilities and mechatronics. Computer CNC technology provides a good machine control capability for the mechanical manufacturing industry, that is, the application of computer control technology on the machine tool, that is, the use of CNC technology to command and control the machining of the machine tool, which is the CNC machine tool that we are now familiar with. This new generation of mechatronics products is machine-controlled by code. It stores various operations such as relative position between the tool and the workpiece, spindle shifting, tool selection, and cooling pump operation in the control medium. Control commands are issued to control the machine's servo system or other actuators to control the machine to machine the workpiece we need.