Automatic CNC Lathe With Gantry Loader

- Apr 10, 2019-

The Automatic CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader automatically complete process of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and some nonmetal parts axial and plate parts inside and outside cylinder, conical surface, circular arc surface, end, grooving, kinds of screw thread (male inch thread, taper thread, taper thread and end face), drilling, reaming, boring, chamfering process such as cutting, especially suitable for high speed precision machining, can effectively improve machining accuracy and efficiency.

      The Automatic CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader ideal for Automotive parts, gear, round ring etc.45 degrees of inclined bed type structure, X axis and Z axis gear, ball screw, linear guide and direct type configuration, automatic lubrication system, guarantee supply of linear guide and ball screw lubrication, reliable and ensure reliability of machining accuracy; The max revolution of spindle up to 4000 RPM (optional 5000 or 6000); The cutter adopts straight line tool holder, especially suitable for small mass production. Feeding uses gantry loader instead of human work, Loading and unloading uses stock bin, improving production.