Backlash Canceled For Vertical Turning

- Jul 26, 2018-

The updated Redex MSR gear drives for turning tables to incorporate the newest generation of Siemens CNC and Fanuc drive and control technologies. The resulting MSR drives are comprised of two identical gearboxes (the TwinDrive system) that share the driving torque (50%-50%) during turning. With the help of the CNC system to manage the motor preload torque, the system is able to cancel 100% of backlash.

This new drive will dramatically simplify the design of turning table mechanical transmission systems. Redex – a developer of specialty mechatronics systems for machine tools — specializes in drive systems for turning and milling operations. Prior to its introduction of the MSR, turning tables were designed to use two different types of drives when a C axis was required: a main drive for turning operations, driven by a large spindle motor; and a feed-preloaded gearbox to cancel the backlash during C axis mode, which needed to be clutched and unclutched to the crown. In addition, the main drive would have to be shifted to neutral ratio.

The new MSR achieves a very accurate positioning level, so it’s able to execute additional functions on the C axis without any additional mechanical devices. For example, high accuracy is maintained during milling with one motor driving and the other motor braking.

The new design also eliminates the need for developing a complex and expensive gearbox for the C axis, including complex systems of clutching/unclutching. A solution with two motors is less expensive and easier to manage.