- Aug 06, 2018-

CNC machining fits with mass production. It can create many products in a shorter period, where 3D printing would take hours to create one product. That’s just one advantage of CNC. Let’s take a look at some others.

Prototyping Becomes Easier

CNC machines are better for prototypes that can withstand structural tests because they carve the design from the material. They can also build prototypes out of the exact material that will be used to make the final product.

Structural tests and alterations will be more accurate because they use the same material. This could speed up the production process because the changes will be to the design and not the material. 3D printers don’t fabricate prototypes with the structural strength, so they can’t conduct physical tests.

Prototype Integrity Improves

CNC machines don’t heat the material and reform it. The material stays stronger and has a better structural integrity than 3D printers, which have to heat the material to build the intended product. 3D printers might also have to add foreign materials to the mixture to be able to make the prototype, which CNC machines don’t need.

Surface Finish Advantage

CNC machines provide better surface finish than 3D printing because the materials don’t deform during the process. The rigid material and cutting action keeps the product together and has fewer chances for mistakes or deformations to occur. 3D printing has poorer surface finish. The material bends, warps or distorts because the material is layered heated plastic.

benefits of cnc over 3d printing