China's CNC Machine Tool In The World Gradually Mature

- Nov 16, 2017-

Development and change of CNC machine tools in China. CNC machine tool is the mainstream equipment in the contemporary machinery manufacturing industry, is a hot commodity market, some high-end CNC machine tools are still regarded as strategic materials in the international market by the embargo and restrictions. The development of China's CNC machine tool has experienced 30 years of ups and downs, has been into the mature period. In 2008, the annual output of 125 000 units (high-grade parts of certain categories, imports have accounted for a higher proportion of the situation is changing. According to the latest news released, aviation industry Group 80% CNC machine Tool procurement of domestic brands, weapons industry group currently has 90% machine tool products procurement of domestic products. China's market for 1500 kinds of CNC machine tools, covering ultra-high-heavy machine tools, high-precision machine tools, special processing machine tools, forging equipment, cutting-edge High-tech machine tools and other fields.