Chinese Vertical Lathe

- Sep 04, 2018-

Vertical lathe is mainly used for machining large diameter, length, short of large and heavy artifacts and easily in a horizontal lathe clamp workpiece, turning diameter meet, too heavy a workpiece in the sleeping car don’t drag, due to the weight of itself, to influence machining precision, the car can solve the above problem.

An overview of CNC vertical lathe

Vertical lathe belongs to the large mechanical equipment, used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small, complex shape of large and heavy artifacts. Such as all kinds of disc, wheel cylinder and sets of artifacts, end face, conical surface, cylindrical hole, cone hole, etc. Also can use attachment to threading, spherical, copying, milling and grinding processing.

Compared with horizontal lathe, the workpiece in horizontal lathe decorates the clip on the inside. For vertical layout and vertical lathe spindle axis, workbench platform in a horizontal plane, so the workpiece clamp installed and is more convenient. This layout to reduce the load of main shaft and bearing, so the vertical lathe can longer stay working precision.