Clean The Cooling System Of CNC Lathe

- May 10, 2019-

1. Observe the oil mark on the front of the water tank, and supplement the cooling water in time when the cooling water decreases.In general, the spindle peripheral water configuration, at least the cooling pump suction inlet filter should be completely submerged in the water.

2. When the cooling water becomes contaminated and deteriorates, it shall be replaced in time. Remove the screw plug under the water tank and release the waste liquid.

3. Cooling water tank is divided into water tank and pump box two capacity cavity, filter net needs to be cleaned when it is easy to put forward, cleaning is very convenient, in addition to the cooling pump entrance is also equipped with a filter, the two devices in the CNC lathe after a certain time should be timely check and cleaning.

4. Under normal circumstances, every two months to clean the filter, filter mesh.In order to achieve punctuality, high quality and low cost production, the trigger probe can provide more support than just aligning the workpiece. That is to say, it is also of great value to directly test the geometric accuracy of the processed workpiece in the numerical control lathe.Because, through this direct precision test, programming errors and tool defects can be quickly detected, as well as the adverse consequences of the processing process.

However, the measurement on the CMM only indicates whether the processed workpiece meets the requirements, and cannot be used to distinguish the influence of CNC lathe, cutter and process.If the machining deviation of the workpiece is measured, it is difficult to get the actual cause of the deviation. Therefore, it is impossible to reliably obtain the appropriate or necessary correction measures from the measurement results.

The cooling device of numerical control lathe is as important as lubrication device. Good cooling can improve the machining quality of workpiece and the life of parts of numerical control machine tool.In general, the daily maintenance of the cooling device is mainly to supply coolant, replace and clean the filter device.