CNC Horizontal Lathe With Gantry Loader

- Jul 23, 2019-

The machining position for feeding the workpiece to be machined to the machine tool and the automatic or semi-automatic mechanical device for removing the processed workpiece from the machining position, also known as the workpiece automatic loading and unloading device. Most of the loading and unloading mechanism of the machine loading and unloading device is relatively simple, or the loading mechanism has the function of cutting off, so the loading and unloading device of the machine tool is also often referred to as the feeding device. The machine loading and unloading device is an integral part of the automatic machine tool. After the semi-automatic machine is equipped with the loading and unloading device, the machining cycle can be continuously and automatically performed, becoming an automatic machine tool. The machine tool loading and unloading device is used for semi-automatic machine tools with high efficiency, short maneuvering time and frequent loading and unloading of workpieces, which can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce manual labor. The machine tool loading and unloading device is also an indispensable auxiliary device for the automatic production line.