CNC Lathe Maintenance List

- Apr 19, 2019-

1. When a circuit board is taken out from the CNC lathe, the corresponding position and the cable number shall be noted. For the fixed installed circuit board, the corresponding pressing parts and screws shall be taken down before and after.Remove the pressure pieces and screws should be placed in a special box, so as not to lose, after assembly, the things in the box should be used, otherwise the assembly is incomplete.

2. The soldering iron should be placed in front of the circuit board.The soldering tips should be properly trimmed to fit the welding of integrated circuits and avoid damaging other components during welding.

3. When measuring the resistance value between the CNC lathe lines, the power should be cut off. When measuring the resistance value, the red and black watch pen should be exchanged for two measurements. The reference value is the large resistance value.

4. Soldering film is mostly brushed on the circuit board, so the corresponding solder joint should be found as the test point during measurement. Do not remove the solder film.

5. The printing line should not be cut off at will.Some maintenance personnel has certain maintenance experience, used to break line to check, but most of CNC equipment on the circuit board is double metal orifice or, printing line, dense, once cut off is not easy to welding, and tangent easy to cut the adjacent lines, moreover some points, when cutting a thread, does not make it and line out, need to cut a few lines at the same time.

6. CNC lathe components should not be dismantled at will.Some maintenance personnel in the case of no fault component is determined only by feeling that a component is broken, immediately removed and replaced, so the misjudgment rate is higher, removed the component artificial damage rate is higher.