CNC Lathe System

- Jun 06, 2018-

The reliability of CNC Lathes has always been a major concern for users. CNC system will use a more integrated circuit chip, the use of large-scale or large-scale special and hybrid integrated circuits to reduce the number of components to improve reliability. Through the hardware function softened to meet the requirements of various control functions, while the use of hardware structure Machine body modular, standardized and universal and serialization, making both to improve production volume, but also easy to organize production and quality checks. But also through automatic operation to start the diagnosis, online diagnosis, offline diagnosis and other diagnostic procedures to achieve the system hardware, software and a variety of external equipment for fault diagnosis and alarm. Use the alarm prompt, the timely troubleshooting; the use of fault-tolerant technology, the important components of the "redundant" design to achieve fault self-recovery; use of various tests, monitoring technology, when the production overtaking, knife damage, interference, When the accident, the corresponding protection.