CNC Machine Tools Are Designed To Solve The Automation Of Single-piece

- Aug 06, 2019-

1. High precision The machining accuracy of ordinary CNC machine tools has been improved from ±10μm to ±5μm and ±2μm, and the precision level has been increased from ±5μm to ±1.5μm.

2. High speed The increase of spindle speed is the most direct way to increase the cutting speed. Now the maximum spindle speed can reach 50000r/min, and the feed motion can move at a speed of 30-40m/min.

3. High Flexibility From stand-alone development to unit flexibility and system flexibility, flexible manufacturing units (FMC), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), and flexible manufacturing lines (FTL) are emerging.

4. High automation In addition to automatic programming, loading and unloading, processing and other automation, CNC machine tools are also developing in automatic retrieval, monitoring, diagnosis, automatic tool setting and automatic transmission.

5. Compounding Process integration, functional compounding, multi-process cutting (car, milling, boring, drilling) on a CNC machine

6. High reliability The average MTBF of the system has increased from 10000h in the 1980s to 30,000h now, and the MTBF of the whole machine has also increased from 100~200h to 500~800h.

7. It has also been greatly developed in terms of intelligent networking. Remote diagnostic services through network functions have emerged.