CNC Machine Tools Are New Machines For Machining Machines

- Aug 23, 2019-

CNC machine tools, tool systems and tool management systems are the basis for the efficiency of CNC machine tools and the quality of machining. Only the advanced CNC machine tools, the advanced tools, tool systems and tool management systems that are not matched with them, or the rational use of the tools, the performance of CNC machine tools will not be fully utilized. This book is based on the actual point of NC machining production, based on the basic theory of cutting process, to grasp the rational use technology of CNC machine tools and the performance of CNC machine tools, to introduce the cutting basis of CNC machining, the rough surface has been processed. Based on the basic causes of the causes, the types of tool materials and their selection principles, as well as the characteristics of CNC tools, failure modes and reliability, the types, characteristics and rational use techniques of CNC turning tools, CNC milling tools and hole machining tools are analyzed. And give practical tools for various typical materials. At the same time, combined with the latest development results of CNC tool systems at home and abroad, the knowledge and related standards of CNC tool system, tool presetter and tool management system are introduced. The book is systematic and comprehensive, and is closely related to production practice