Cnc Vertical Cutting Lathe Machine

- May 31, 2018-

Product Features:

1.Worktable unti-water design

2.Equipped with SIEMENS 828D CNC control (optional, FANUC and GSK), 3.Except CNC auto running mode, you can also use it in manual way like conventional machine.

4.Two configurations available, 4 steps gearbox plus AC variable motor, or 2 steps gearbox plus big torque DC stepless motor, with taping function and 3.CSCS(Constant Surface Cutting Speed) function

6.Adopt German Schneider and famous brand electric elements, independent electrical cabinet with air conditioner guarantee the stability and service life

7.High grade casting from own foundry following by proper heat treatment. 8.Hardened guideway(above HRC50). Perfect long lifetime and stable accuracy

9.Auto central lubrication system with regular intervals and volume

10.Grounded gears in the gearbox to ensure high precision, low noise and long lifetime