CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Tool Into Mainstream Domestic Development Into Mature Stage

- Nov 16, 2017-

CNC Super Heavy machine tool is water, fire, nuclear power station equipment production, shipbuilding, metallurgical mines, such as serious equipment and heavy weapons production of key devices. Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group opened the announced processing workpiece diameter of up to 16m CNC vertical lathe has produced 5 units, can represent our country's Super heavy machine tool production ability and level. The top table had satisfied the users ' urgent needs in the production of hydroelectric generating equipment in Yantan hydropower station. After 8 years in the production of the use of repeatedly create success, users call it "insult equipment." After this, several units for the National Key project power plant continued to carry forward the important role, and to ensure that the world's largest Three Gorges power station 550t heavy giant turbine runner processing completed, received user recognition. has been developed successfully put into use of the Super Heavy machine tool and CNC floor boring and milling machining center, CNC gantry, bridge, fixed beam type. The compound function understands the milling machine, the processing workpiece weighs 300t. Diameter 4.5m horizontal lathe, workpiece weight 200t, the diameter of 2200mm CNC Roll grinder, this kind of machine tool in the world as long as two or three production, China's independent copyright species to reach the world's advanced level, China has become a small number of ultra-high-heavy machine tool suppliers.