CNC Vertical Lathe Products Extended To The Compound Field

- Nov 16, 2017-

China's CNC machine tool products have been extended to complete sets, composite categories: Czech machine tool factory according to 7-month delivery time for the Shanghai Maglev Train project, hand over 4 CNC boring and milling machine as the main production line, is the performance of China's machine tool industry to provide complete sets of equipment for the outstanding representatives.

CNC Lathe is also a large proportion of CNC machine tools, our country has more than 50 companies, Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Dalian Machine Tool Group, Jinan top machine tool factory, Baoji machine tool factory, cloud machine and so on have been batch production, variety complete, stable and reliable quality, some have crossed the threshold of monthly hundred Taiwan. CNC Gear Machining Machine tool is also one of the strengths of China's machine tool products, into series six-axis five-linkage CNC hobbing machine, seven-axis five-linkage worm-type grinding gear grinding machine, seven-axis six-linkage spiral bevel gear grinding machine, are compared to 3 years to enter the volume of the world's advanced level of new machine tools.