Column With Good Stability And Seismic Performance

- Aug 23, 2019-

High-efficiency CNC vertical lathe, suitable for processing medium- and small-sized discs, cover parts, high-strength cast iron bases, columns, vertical structure with good stability and seismic performance, convenient for clamping workpieces, small footprint and oil-water separation structure The cooling water cleans the environmentally-friendly and long-lasting separation cooling water tank, which is convenient for cleaning the precision and high-rigidity bullet-type spindle structure, and is convenient for repairing the full-symmetry and suspension design of the spindle sleeve, and better eliminating the influence of thermal deformation on the machining accuracy. High-power AC spindle motor The machine tool is stabilized by imported high-grade grease, fully enclosed, maintenance-free bed saddle, column guide rail adopts super heavy load linear rolling guide, good dynamic response performance, high precision retention, high quality 6-station vertical electric Tool holder, high rigidity, rapid tool change, reliable centralized machine tool operation panel, making operation more convenient and fast. X/Z axis adopts high-precision ball screw and special screw for screw bearing, good precision retention, integral full-closed protection, environmental protection clean.