Connect High Precision CNC Lathe Threads

- May 20, 2019-

 The main trend of high precision CNC lathe.Over the past 30 years, the world of machine tool technology have been greatly developed, the development trend of machine tool technology also presents the diversified characteristics, such as high accuracy of trend, the trend of high speed movement, exercise more shaft, multiple trend, the trend of high reliability, multi-function trend, the trend of the reconfigurable, low energy consumption, environmental protection, such as the trend and the trend of the intelligent, but of all the trends, the most capable of embodying the of the mainstream development trends should be of high precision and intelligence.

 High-precision CNC lathe adopts dc or ac spindle control unit to drive the spindle, according to the control command for stepless speed change, between the spindle does not have to use a multi-gear pair to change speed.In order to expand the speed range, now generally through a gear pair, in order to achieve segment-stepless speed regulation, even so, the structure of the headstock has been much simpler than the traditional lathe.Another structural feature of CNC lathes is large stiffness, which is in order to match the high precision control of the control system, in order to adapt to the high precision machining.

 How to connect the threads of high precision CNC lathe?High precision CNC lathe thread connection is a detachable connection made of threaded parts.It is characterized by simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable work and wide range of use.High precision CNC lathe thread connection most of the existing national standards, designers are mainly based on the requirements of thread connection, choose the appropriate thread type, connection mode and determine the size of thread connection.

1. Formation of threads for CNC machine tools

Circle the right triangle ABC to the cylinder with diameter d, and make the Angle edge coincide with the circumference of the cylinder base, then the hypotenuse forms a spiral line on the cylinder surface.At this point, if the turning tool along the spiral direction of material excision, you can get the corresponding thread.

2. Types of threads for CNC machine tools

 High precision CNC lathe threads are internal and external threads.The threads formed on the surface of the cylinder are external threads, and those formed on the wall of the cylinder hole are called internal threads.The external and internal threads together form a pair of threads for connection and transmission.Thread is also divided into meter system and inch system, except for machine tool pipe thread in China, the rest are metric units.