Conventional Lathe Reduce The Wear And Tear Of Car Knives

- Jun 01, 2018-

Whether it is the Conventional Lathe or other lathe, it is the most serious of the lathe tool, in the premise of ensuring the processing precision, the car knife plays a very important role. First of all, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the lathe, and the effective maintenance is also one of the effective extension of the lathe.

During the operation, more common wear and tear, the workpiece is not fastened or the car knife wear too much. When the lathe tool is too high, when the knife to a certain depth, the back of the tool can support the workpiece, increase the friction, and even bend the workpiece, resulting in the phenomenon of nibbling. Too low, but not easy to expel. These are all factors that can lead to wear and tear.

Are turning back to force under the condition of normal direction is the workpiece center, plus a cross into the gap of lead screw and nut is too big, to keep turning back up to automatically tend to increase, thus the workpiece is raised, a lathe chew knives at this point, should be timely stop operation, the next step should timely adjust the height of cutting tool, the blade and the axis of the workpiece contour of knife trial cut method can also be used machining. In rough and semi-fine cars, the tip position of the blade is 1% higher than the center of the workpiece.