Correct Treatment Of Horizontal Lathe

- Jun 06, 2018-

Different Horizontal Lathes CNC system design ideas vary widely, but regardless of the kind of system, their basic principles and composition are very similar. So in the machine failure, requiring maintenance personnel must have a clear fault handling ideas:
Investigate the fault scene, confirm the fault phenomenon, the nature of the fault, should fully grasp the fault information, so that "more brains, handsome" to avoid the expansion of the failure. According to the fault information to clear the complexity of the fault, and lists the fault of all the points. Prepare the necessary technical information, such as machine tool manual, electrical control schematic diagram, etc., as the basis for analysis of the causes of failure, to develop solutions to eliminate the problem, open thinking, should not be limited to a part of the machine. In the determination of the troubleshooting program, the use of multimeter, oscilloscope and other measurement tools, test methods to verify and detect faults, step by step positioning fault location, to confirm whether the fault is an electrical failure or mechanical failure, is systemic or random, Is their own failure or external failure and so on. Trouble removal usually find the cause of the problem after the problem will immediately be solved.