Dalian CNC Vertical Automatic Control System

- May 23, 2018-

Dalian CNC Lathe's modern CNC machine tools have strong software functions and corresponding hardware, and have strong self-diagnostic capabilities.

1 boot self-diagnosis
After the CNC system is powered on, it must run the self-diagnosis program to check the installation of various control connections. If any problem is found, such as detecting whether the backup battery voltage can reach the request, if the voltage is lower than the request, the system will Generate alarm, Siemens system battery alarm is i alarm, prompt maintenance personnel to replace the battery immediately, if you can not change the battery, before the battery can not be blackout.

2. Operational self-diagnosis
When the CNC machine tool is running, the CNC system monitors the operation of the machine tool. The CNC installation monitors the shutdown of the servo system and the PLC system. If a problem is found, it will alarm in time and many problems will appear on the screen. When the machine tool is running, the PLC installs a user program compiled by the machine tool manufacturer to monitor the operation of the CNC machine tool in real time. If any fault or instruction issued is not performed, the corresponding signal will be transmitted to the CNC installation in time. The CNC installation will appear on the screen. Alarm information.