Detail And Safe Use Of CNC Lathe Power

- Jun 04, 2018-

Power supply is the energy support part of the normal operation of the system. The direct result of failure or failure is to cause the system to halt or destroy the whole system. In addition, the nc system partially runs the data, sets the data and the processing program and other general storage in the RAM memory, after the system is out of power, rely on the backup battery or lithium battery to maintain. Therefore, the downtime is longer, the power supply or storage device can cause the data loss, so that the system cannot run.

At the same time, due to the numerical control equipment is using a three-phase ac 380 v power supply, so security is important part of nc equipment installation work, based on the above reasons, power over the use of numerical control equipment has the following requirements:

One, the grid voltage fluctuation should be controlled between + 10% -- - 15%, and the power fluctuation is bigger, the quality is poor, also hide like this kind of high frequency pulse interference, and human factors (such as sudden switch power, etc.). During peak hours, for example, one hour or so during the day or before the end of the workday is usually very poor, or even up to 20 percent. Make the machine tool alarm but not normal work, and cause damage to the machine power system. It even leads to loss of data about parameters. This phenomenon has occurred in the machine tool equipment such as CNC processing center or turning center, and the frequency is higher and should be taken seriously.