Discriminant Analysis Of Vertical Lathe Operator

- Jul 23, 2018-

Understanding vertical lathe, the article has already begun, so it's kind of introduction, characteristics, environmental requirementsand maintenance of the four aspects of such machinery and equipment so that we have some knowledge and understanding. So on this basis, following on to continue to introduce its knowledge, in order to let everyone know more on this lathe.

Lathe between CNC lathes, vertical lathe these three, in the end what is the difference? 
Lathe, it is suitable for smaller quantities and less precision production, although the investment is relatively low, but the operator's skill requirements are relatively high. 
The main features of CNC lathe processing quality is good, stable and relatively high accuracy, so for high-precision, high-volumeproduction of complex parts and shapes, but sometimes it can be small batch production. 
Vertical lathe is mainly used to produce large and heavy workpieces. 
Operational aspects of vertical lathe, mainly in the following content, as follows: 
(1) Gross surface of the workpiece, not directly on the work surface to avoid problems. 
The codes (2) of the workpiece being, only a low speed, not high speed. 
(3) the table rotates, the beam can not lift, turret can not move quickly. 
(4) the beam to move, you should first release intensify device to be clamped immediately after a good move. 
(5) for cutting, feed volume and speed of the table should be reduced appropriately. 
(6) when the variable speed lever should be pushed to a predetermined position.