Domestic Lathe Machine Tool Product Adjustment Pace Is Not Fast And Timely

- Nov 16, 2017-

China's machine tool imports and exports of products high, on the one hand because of the national economic structure accelerated transformation, the domestic market opposite vehicle machine tool products demand level of rapid promotion; On the other hand, because of the innovation of the work skill and the adjustment of product structure, it can't keep up with the demand level of the market Domestic and middle-grade vertical lathe machine tool products of shopping malls competition power to be promoted.

At present, the domestic machine tool making enterprise is big and not strong overall, and the function parts and CNC system Enterprise is neither big nor strong. Domestic CNC Vertical Lathe machine tool in particular, high-grade CNC vertical lathe in the domestic market share significantly improved, domestic and middle-grade CNC vertical lathe machine tool using CNC system and the main functional components of the domestic rate significantly improved. Few or more vertical vehicle machine tool thing products become international well-known brands, few or more enterprises become international strong enterprises.