Economical CNC Vertical Lathe

- Oct 16, 2018-

1- This series are conversional ones added CNC system. They meet customer’s requirements of processing complex surface,taper and thread turning.

2- Same spindle structure as that of standard CNC VTL: High efficiency. high precision, high loading capacity and free maintenance.

3- X axis and Z axis use large diameter ball screws with pre-tensioned P4 class paired-mounting ballscrew-supporting bearing. Z axis motor bracket and the machine bed are built in one piece.

4- There are FANUC/SIEMENS/Guangshu/Huazhong CNC system for choice.

5- Equipped with electronic handwheel, quantitative lubrication pump, electric cabinet’s air conditioners and a whole set of Schneider electrical components.

6- Users can choose square ram with tool turret/manual 5-position tool turret/electric 4 or 5 position tool turret/BT50 turret inside ram.

7- For main transmission, users can choose mechanical 16-step speed or AC frequency conversion mechanical 4-step speed.

8- Encoder can be equipped to principal spindle as a option, for the function of thread turning.