Fault And Classification Of CNC Lathe

- Jun 08, 2018-

CNC Lathe all or part of the loss of the provisions of the function known as CNC Lathe failure.
The failure rate of the CNC Lathe varies markedly with the use of time, and its shape is shown in Figure 7.1. As the typical fault curve shape and bathtub similar, so called the bathtub curve or machine failure rate curve, it is divided into three stages. The first stage is the initial operating area, the curve is negative exponential, the machine failure rate is higher: the u stage is the effective life area of the system, the general CNC Lathe in the running 9-14 months before entering the effective life area, so the general CNC Lathe The warranty period is around 1 year. Into the effective life area of the machine has a very low failure rate; the first IQ stage for the CNC Lathe aging zone, during this period the system failure rate increases rapidly over time. This curve helps us to understand and analyze the failure of CNC Lathe.