Gantry Milling Machine And Machining Center Operating Procedures

- Jun 26, 2019-

1. Operators should be familiar with, master the gantry processing center machine performance and characteristics.

To ensure that the emergency stop switch in the event of emergency, can quickly and effectively play a role, avoid injury accidents.

2. Wear labor protection articles according to regulations. Gloves are strictly prohibited.

3. When the equipment is working, do not touch the electronic switch with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

Do not touch any moving parts with your hands.

4. Do not place tools or non-processing workpiece in the gantry processing center or moving objects.

5. The computer desk or work desk next to the machine must be firm and cannot be placed on moving parts.

6 up and down the workpiece, should first stop the machine running, and pay attention to keep an appropriate distance between the workpiece and the tool.

Do not open the front door and the left and right protective cover arbitrarily during the operation of the machine to avoid injuries.

7. After the tool is set, please try DRY RUN first to make sure the program is correct.

8. After power failure or emergency stop, when the machine is shut down, the three axes should be restored to the original position.

9. Do not remove the travel switch or the relevant parts of any protective switch without permission.

10. Turn off the control power switch of the operation panel and the main switch of the electrical box before leaving the machine.