Haitong CNC Machine Industry Field

- May 02, 2018-

4. Aerospace Industry

Aviation and aerospace industries use a great deal of helicopters, autogiros, rockets, space shuttles and planet explorers as typical aerocraft. Airplane is the closest to our everyday life and mostly used in the air.

The parts used in aviation and aerospace industry are usually complicated in structure, various in raw material, different in properties and need precise, stable and full function machines. Haitong CNC machines are graceful in shape, quick response, stable system, precise, higher torque and simultaneous multi axes operation. We also offer on-the-spot inspection design for customers.

5.Vessel Industry

Shipbuilding industry in China is focused on Bohai, Yangtze and Pearl River estuary area. The development of China shipbuilding requires to make and process key parts by ourselves.

The parts in this industry is usually of large size. Neway machines are designed stronger and with higher torque performance and butting ability. They are more reliable and the gantry/portal machines are designed with longer travel for large size parts like bed seat or frameworks.

Typical Workpiece: