Horizontal Lathe With Factory Price

- Jun 25, 2018-

Product Description

This lathe is a special-purpose heavy-duty face lathe and it is suitable for turning the internal/external cylindrical surface, conical surface, end face, cutter groove or cut-off of the disks and rings with large diameter, short length and small mass or work pieces of thin wall and tube shape.

This lathe is reasonable in structure and strong in rigidity with large power and good stability, and what's more, it's beautiful in appearance and easy for operation, really the ideal product for processing all kinds of large-scale work pieces.

The feed system of this lathe adopts frequency control motor to realize the stepless speed regulation. This makes the choice of feed rate more convenient.

C64160  Facing  Lathe  Main  Technical  Specifications 


Max. swing  diameter  over  bedmm1600

Max. swing  diameter  over  carriagemm1000

Center  heightmm800

Max. length  of  workpiecemm500/750/1200

Max. weight  of  workpeicekg3000

Chuck  diametermm1000/1200/1400

Spindle  diametermm200

Taper  hole  diameter  of  spindle
metric 140

Size  of  tool  barmm50× 50

Spindle  speed  increments

Spindle  speed  ranger/min2-200/2-160

Feed  increments  of  tool  post

Feed  range  of  tool  post

Maximum  travel  of  tool  post(Cross)mm850

Maximum  travel  of  tool  post(Longitudinal)mm350

Power  of  main  motorKW11

Speed  range  of  main  motorr/min970

Feed  motor  powerKW1.5

Overall  dimensionsmm3300× 2000× 1900

Lathe  weightkg6500-9000