How Often Should Your CNC Machine Be Inspected?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Chances are, you use at least one CNC machine on a regular basis if you own and operate a manufacturing business. CNC machines perform many functions that are essential to the success of a manufacturing business. Therefore, you should have your CNC machines maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that they will be able to complete the job when required. If a machine breaks down, the business owners will need to spend thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is vital that you perform maintenance checks on your CNC machines regularly to prevent the likelihood of a complete breakdown in the productions process.

Daily Maintenance

You should actually inspect your CNC machines on a daily basis. Of course, these inspections don't have to be thorough. You simply want to make sure that your CNC machine will be ready to operate the next day.

Be certain that all surfaces have been wiped down

Check and replenish the lube level if necessary

Check the levels for the cooling system if the CNC machine has one

Be sure the chuck and hydraulic pressures are at the correct level

Grease any dry parts and remove the chips from the machine's chip pan

Biannual Maintenance

Every six months, you should have a specialist thoroughly inspect the CNC machine and run extensive tests. This will allow the specialist to identify potential issues with the CNC machine. Some of the tests that the specialist will perform during the inspection includes:

Replacing the hydraulic oil after draining it

Removing and cleaning the jaws and the chuck

Removing oil, sludge, and chips from the coolant tank

Make sure that the machine remains level

Replace the suction filters and the line

Ensure the radiator fins are aligned and clean the radiator

Replace damaged wipers and clean the wipers that aren't damaged