- Jul 27, 2018-

Let’s go back with same situation of the urgent job at the end of the day and see how to properly manage it:

First, you call home and explain that you will be late. This will remove part of the outside world distractions.

Next, go outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and when you go back in, leave your inner laziness outside!

Put down your watch and your phone somewhere far from the machine. More sources of distractions are eliminated.

Use the right machine, do the right setup, and spend extra time cleaning every mating surface and mounting the right tools. Use the right jaws, the right parallels, and don’t look at and think about the clock.

Take your time in writing the program, keeping it simple. If you have close tolerances, add a semi finish tool, and don’t be afraid to add that extra minute in cutting time to stabilize the process.

Eureka! Enjoy watching the CNC machine making parts and, as a reward, you can now use your phone and dislike someone!

The next day you will enjoy compliments for the good job and you’ll look like a hero just for having done your job.

So, here is the Holy Grail, this is how you get along with machine tools and be happy: do the right things, which you already know. This allows you to operate in Zen with your machines, in a state of total and intuitive harmony. Soon you’ll discover the only downside – you’ll be the one called in for every difficult situation. But that’s another story…