Lathe Operation Skills

- May 20, 2019-

After programming and tooling setting, we need try cutting debug to avoid machine crash due to error of program and tool.

First we should do travel simulation machining, shift the tool to the right overall length of the parts 2 -- 3 times in the coordinate system of the machine tool. And then Then the simulation process begins, confirm the procedure and correct tool, and then start processing the parts.

After the completion of the first part processing, first self-inspection, confirmed qualified, then find full-time inspection, full-time inspection confirmed qualified after this means the end of debugging.

Tooling setting includes tool against by tool detection and tool setting directly.Below is about  tool setting directly

First, select the center of the right end face of the part as the cutter point and set it to zero. After the lathe back to the origin,each tool need to be used with the center of the right end face of the parts for zero pairs to do tooling setting. the cutter touch the right end face input Z0 and click measurement, The measured value is automatically recorded in the tool complement, That means that the Z axis is OK. X axis method for the sword to try to cut,turning the excircle of parts by tool and measure numerical value and then click measure.

Eventhough restarting lathe, the tool value won't be changed in this method, It can be used for mass production of the same part for a long time.

First,consider the processing order of the parts.Determining the processing sequence, the general should follow the following principle: 

Drilling and then flush end.

First rough car, semi finished car again,the last car,and gradually improve the precision of the parts.

Work with large tolerance first and small tolerance last.

Then,choose a reasonable speed ,feed and cutting depth according to the hardness of material.

Carbon steel material should in high speed, high feed and large cutting depth.

Hard alloy it shoud be setted in low speed,low feed and small cutting depth.