Method To Solve The Vibration And Shock Of CNC Lathe

- Jun 20, 2019-

1. Reduce the working weight of the part that forms vibration, and the less inertia the better.

2. The progress of the rigidity of processing system such as using elastic coefficient higher handle or apply to join the Dynamic shock absorber (Dynamic Damper) special seismic force, to absorb the impact energy.

3. Fix or clamp the place with the largest vibration, such as the center frame, working retainer, etc.

4. Work from the direction of the blade and working rotation.

5. Change the shape and inlet Angle of the cutter, the smaller the nose radius of the cutter, the better, in order to reduce the cutting resistance.It is necessary to take the positive side inclination Angle to make the cutting direction more straight.It is better to have a positive reclining Angle, but even the chip removal can be relatively poor, so it is generally optional to use a slotted knife to make the inclination become negative, but still retain the positive cutting effect.