Modern CNC Lathes

- Jun 09, 2018-

Modern CNC Lathes due to the use of computer technology, software, strong, with the corresponding hardware, with a strong self-diagnostic capability.
1. boot from the diagnosis
CNC system in the power after the boot, have to run the boot self-diagnosis program, the connection of a variety of control devices to detect and find the problem immediately reported, for example, check whether the backup battery voltage requirements, if the voltage is lower than the requirements, the system will produce Alarm, the Siemens system battery alarm is i alarm, prompt maintenance personnel immediately replace the battery, if you can not replace the battery, replace the battery before the power failure.
2. Run self-diagnosis
When the CNC Lathe is running, the CNC system monitors the operation of the machine at all times. CNC device on the servo system, PLC system to monitor the operation, if the problem found in a timely manner alarm, and many failures will be displayed on the screen alarm information. In the machine running, PLC device through the machine tool manufacturers to prepare the user program, real-time monitoring of the operation of CNC Lathes, if found fault or issued instructions not executed, the corresponding signal will be transmitted to the CNC device, the CNC will be displayed on the screen Alarm information.