Motion Analysis And Design Requirements For The Fourth Axis Indexing Head Of Vertical Machining Center

- Aug 06, 2019-

For the machining of complex workpieces, it is often necessary to have a circular feed motion with X, Y and Z axes to complete the machining of such workpieces. Vertical machining centers are usually completed by installing a fourth shaft, which is a typical device of this type. It can be implemented by moving back to the workbench movement. In addition to the various arc machining or surface machining in conjunction with linear feed, the CNC rotary table can also achieve precise automatic indexing.

In its simple role, feed indexing and circumferential feed can be performed. The feed index refers to the index rotation or arbitrary indexing in the range of 360° when the workpiece is not cut. The feed motion in the circumferential direction of the table refers to the cutting in the vertical machining center. The three coordinate axes of X, Y and Z are linked to process the complex curved surface, which brings convenience to the processing of the box parts. For vertical machining centers that can perform automatic tool change and multi-process centralized machining, the CNC rotary table has become an indispensable component.

Motion Analysis and Design Requirements for the Fourth Axis Indexing Head of Vertical Machining Center

Under normal circumstances, the vertical machining center has three basic axes: X, Y, and Z. The other rotation and feed axes are the fourth axis. The latter can realize the positioning of the tool magazine, and the rotary positioning of the rotary table and the indexing head. The system can also perform interpolation operations with the basic axes to achieve four-axis and five-axis linkage. Generally, the processing of polyhedrons, such as the four faces of the turbine air compressor housing, and the processing of the slots can be completed by the function of the fourth axis indexing head. Multiple processes can be completed in one clamping, and the machining accuracy and efficiency are significantly improved. .