Pipe Thread Lathes Are Mainly Divided Into Two Types

- Aug 21, 2019-

The pipe thread lathe generally has a large through hole on the headstock, and the workpiece is passed through the through hole and clamped by two chucks at both ends of the spindle for the rotary motion. There are two ways to feed the tool: one is the same as the ordinary lathe by the screw to drive the slide and the knife holder in front of the bed; the other is the flat comb from the slide in the center of the bed. The external thread cutting head (see automatic opening and closing thread cutting head) cuts into the workpiece and is moved forward. [1] Some machines that process long tubes also have workpiece support devices such as a center frame, a tool holder, and a rear bracket.

      The pipe thread lathe is upgraded with bearings of the same grade or higher precision grade.Adopt the technology of vertical and horizontal direction cutter, have the function of double direction automatic cutter.The original smooth system should be replaced by the smooth system, the smooth oil pump should be disassembled, and the pump with better functions should be replaced. The oil tank should be completely cleaned, scoured, and the smooth system should conform to the rules of GB/T 6576.The cooling system reservoir and channel should be completely scoured out.Adopt bevel type inlays, adjust easily.Wide quenching guide rail is adopted, cutting rigidity is strong.Independent electrical box, safe operation and stable performance.

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