Precision Workholding Matters

- Sep 06, 2018-

Among the many variables that must be calculated when attempting to manufacture precision workpieces is workholding. It is the foundation for any metalcutting operation.

Secure, rigid confinement of a workpiece blank is evolving in sophistication as the need for higher cutting speeds, better surface finishes and increased cutting forces become apparent. In turning operations, the forces on the workholder are increased by its rotation. Additionally, in many turning applications, partially machined parts are handed off to a subspindle for completion. This hand off is often in process, requiring synchronization of the main and subspindle, opening and closing at the correct time.

The article “Precision Workholding Offers Multiple Advantages” explains some of the advancements in precision workholding demands and the solutions that are available to improve production and quality in shops making precision parts.