Process Of CNC Lathe Failure

- May 13, 2019-

The CNC system of machine tool of different brand designs each have thousands of years, but no matter what brand system, the basic principle inside and construction are similar.Therefore, when CNC lathe failure, maintenance personnel need to follow the correct processing steps to troubleshoot the fault:

The actual situation on the spot to inventory fault information, do "more inspection, less disassembly and assembly" to avoid causing more fault problems.According to the difficulty of fault information, record all suspicious points of fault location.Prepare technical data, CNC lathe specifications, electrical control schematic diagram, etc., this is the most basic fault inspection method, record the steps to troubleshoot the fault, the feasibility of the requirements.Use multimeter, oscilloscope and other measuring tools, with the test method to verify and detect the fault, determine the fault location, analyze the fault belongs to mechanical fault or electrical fault, is the system itself or external fault caused by the fault and so on.The troubleshooting method is to find the cause of the fault according to the troubleshooting method is quickly solved.

CNC system is the core of the machine tool just like the human heart, its programming operation, affect the normal operation of the whole machine tool.So can make full use of CNC system hardware, software alarm function, in the new generation of CNC system are set up a lot of hardware alarm indicator device, set up the hardware alarm indicator device is to improve the maintainability of CNC system.CNC systems are self-diagnostic.During the working period of nc system, the self-diagnosis program can be used to diagnose the system quickly.If the fault is detected, the fault will be immediately displayed on the CRT or the alarm indicator light on the panel in the form of flashing light alarm.And this kind of self-diagnosis function also can classify the fault alarm.